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        Welcome to Aevitas Inc.

        No matter where environment meets industry, our company provides a comprehensive range of environmental services via the numerous Canada-wide service facilities that we own and operate. We take pride in our excellent reputation by focusing on offering exemplary customer service, pioneering Ontario wastewater treatment services, and other environmental services. Our passion for environmental protection and advocacy is what makes our company a leader in our field. To guarantee the well-being of our clients, staff and vendors, our environmental services and Ontario wastewater treatment team strictly adhere to Canadian governmental and environmental regulations:

        Aevitas has been offering safe and convenient Ontario wastewater treatment solutions and other environmental services to a diverse array of companies who operate in the following sectors for over 25 years:

        • Engineering
        • Commercial/landlord
        • Electrical
        • Demolition & remediation
        • Lighting
        • Utility & power generation
        • Consulting
        • Manufacturing & assembly
        • Fabrication
        • Mining
        • Chemical
        • Institutional & government

        For all of your environmental service and Ontario wastewater treatment needs, trust our environmentally conscious professionals to assist your Canadian company with all of its environmental challenges!

        Who We Are?

        As Canada’s premier environmental services company, Aevitas provides a wide range of services to assist industrial, institutional and commercial organizations. From Ontario wastewater treatment, to waste disposal, recycling, and a variety of other environmental services, we have gained a reputation for offering the most comprehensive, innovative and affordable environmental services in the industry. For more than 23 years, we have helped a large number of Canadian clients by safely and effectively managing their unique waste streams. To learn more about our company's environmental services, including Ontario wastewater treatment, get in touch with us today, or browse our website.